Gadget Review. Living Large With the TMobile G1 Phone

December 12, 2008 • Magazine


I recently had the opportunity to test the new TMobile G1 Phone. I know what you are thinking…why would you get to test that phone? Well, as a true fashionista and one who is always in the know about sales and fashion, I finally concede I may have to give in to a Crackberry or web phone of sorts. I have been avoiding one because I find so many of my friends and peers annoying with their phone/texting/browsing behavior. Come on. We all know the person who checks their email at the table, texts while they are crossing the street or browses when they should be listening. How rude.

Anyway, now I’m hooked. I had no idea how much easier this gadget would make my life. I always feel panicked when I am away from my laptop for too long. Now I don’t need to be. I can update our blog from anywhere. I was able to answer emails while waiting at a doctor’s office, browse Perez Hilton for my dose of celebrity gossip as I sat bored on the bus, get Google directions while lost in lower Manhattan and take surprisingly high quality pictures with the 3MP camera when I forgot my camera at home. I even found myself checking my email every 10 minutes. No worries though, not in front of everyone. I have manners. 

The touch screen made browsing and changing applications very easy and unlike the iPhone it wasn’t overly sensitive. I also loved the flip-down keyboard which was pretty intuitive and from which was easy to type.

There is also a shopping comparison application to make all your fashion finds as easy as G1, 2, 3! How cool is that?

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-Lauren Dimet Waters

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