Ask the Bean: Working With Winter

December 16, 2008 • Fashion


Dear Bean:

Dear Chilled,

With the rapidly-dropping temperatures, I have found myself becoming disheartened when dressing for work. I just want to be warm, but my office definitely wouldn’t allow my chunky sweater, sweat pants and UGG boots. What can you suggest for a warmer working wardrobe option without sacrificing fashion or resulting in my getting sent home from the office?


The winter months are known for sweaters and slippers. Unfortunately, the stereotype doesn’t translate to the working world. The last thing I want to do in the morning is decide which wool suit to wear again, and debate which pumps won’t result in an imminent injury while trying to walk on the ice-covered sidewalks. Having a fashionable season during the winter months is a daunting task, but it can be accomplished!

The solution to staying warm and being work-friendly takes some planning. Make sure you have the basics and know how each can be mixed and matched. That way there isn’t a lot of pondering on your part every morning. Plus you know you’ll be stepping out in style while prepped to battle the snow banks.

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