WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was in Bad Celebrity Fashion

December 16, 2008 • Celebrity Style

Seeing Paula Abdul on David Letterman reminded me we have not done a WTF was She Thinking? in far too long. We apologize for that!


Paula Abdul at the "Late Show with David Letterman" on December 10, 2008 in NYC.

Comment: Paula Abdul went on David Letterman last week wearing this outfit she stole from Adam Ant circa 1983. We don’t know which is crazier…her outfit, her odd behavior or her tacky jewelry line which she is hawking on QVC (she was wearing the entire collection on the show). Less is more Paula. Clearly this lesson has been lost on her.

She’s thinking: Stand and deliver! Your money or your life.


Heather Marsden at Spike TV’s 2008 "Video Game Awards" in LA

Comment: Seriously. A red pleather dress? Yeah, we get it was spike TV, but this outfit is a bust. Pun intended. The biggest offense besides the fabric and color combination is the length of the skirt. It hist at a very odd place. It’s not sexy. Who knew you could make tight pleather look matronly? Those shoes are all wrong too. I mean, please…black hooker pumps would have been better than conservative flats.

She’s thinking: Spike this!


Rebecca Adlington at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards in Liverpool, England

Comment: The Olympic swimmer is only 19 so we have to cut her some slack, but here is another red dress gone wrong. First, it is a little too much for her. I expect to see a dress like this on Paula Abdul who is more than twice her age. She just looks so uncomfortable. Word of advice, if you are not comfortable in what you are wearing, it will show.

She’s thinking: I would much rather be in the pool.


Brittny Gastineau at Spike TV’s 2008 "Video Game Awards" in LA

Comment: Such a pretty girl. Such an ugly dress. She reminds me of Cher back in her Sonny and Cher days. There is way to  much going on up top and the dress makes her hips appear very wide. The color is also not right for her skin tone.

She’s thinking: I’ve got you babe.


Christine Ohuruogu at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards in Liverpool, England.

Comment: Actually I really like this dress the English Olympic sprinter is wearing. My only beef is the length. Seriously. She couldn’t have it hemmed about a foot? You can see her foot trying to poke through the fabric! If we have said it once we have said it about 100 times…you need to have your tailor’s number on speed dial!

She’s thinking: Come on, I am rocking this look! 

Images: WireImage

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