Beauty Treatments. Pure Med Spa Under Fire

December 17, 2008 • Beauty


Be warned. Always do your homework and ask a lot of questions during your initial consultation before you let anybody perform laser treatments on you. Pam Zekman from Chicago’s CBS 2 revealed some patients have been burned and even scarred for life when they’ve gone to one chain of medical spas. She has been reporting on financial and medical abuses at spas in Chicago and last night she blew the whistle on Pure Med Spa in Chicago (See the video here).

Maybe your skin can’t tolerate laser treatments? If so, the machines may cause permanent damage.

One women was badly burned last year after a Pure Med Spa nurse used a laser to remove red veins around her nose. In lawsuits patients have charged the Pure Med Spa company with negligence that caused their injuries. They also say the company mislead them in their sales pitch.

Laser_gone_bad_2Deborah Hellman was told it was very safe when she went to the Michigan Ave. location for treatments to remove brown sun spots on her neck and chest. But after her third laser treatment she said she had second degree burns "that were just positively horrifying." Evidence gathered in the lawsuit showed the nurse changed the laser settings to the highest level.

The Pure Med Spas are supposedly doctor supervised but Hellman was told by the spa staff, "I couldn’t get to their doctor, which was in another building, for two days," she said. By that time it was too late and the damage was permanent.

Pure Med Spa settled the lawsuits for a confidential amount, without admitting anyLaser_surgery_scars_2  guilt to the charges. But Hellman wants more to be done.

"In my opinion the person who gave me this treatment was not adequately trained and because of that I will have scars on my neck for the rest of my life," Hellman said.

Not all med spas are bad. But, do your homework and due diligence. Don’t just ask about training, but make sure there is a doctor on site and that all licensing by the person performing the treatment is up-to-date.

To read a liteny of complaints visit: here:

Source: CBS 2

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    I’m so glad this is here for people to see. It truely is essential to do your research before going to a spa.

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