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December 24, 2008 • Beauty

Lushcosmetics…"I’m dreaming of a Lush Christmas"! That’s right, Lush Cosmetics is the perfect Holiday pick me up, as well as the perfect gift. With uplifting, soothing, and delectable scents, it’s perfect for a warm shower or bath. We are a day away from Christmas, and the last few days have been long, nights not long enough, and the frigid air hasn’t helped. Which is why, I am so excited about Lush.
What’s so fabulous about this handmade, organic line is that all of their products are made of fresh organic fruits and vegetables and the finest essential oils without testing on animals. They offer scented selections of skin care, hair care, and bath and body treats. New from Lush are the Emotibombs, that are genius. Pop them in the shower, and just let them dissolve. The aroma of Up You Gets Emotibomb, is a fruity infusion that does exactly what the name suggests.

Try Up the Wooden Hill, some evening to unwind. With calming lavender and soothing chamomile. It has a great astringent effect on the skin and help in skin regeneration.
For bath time the the Bath Bombs are wonderful. A soothing favorite is Avobath Bath Bomb, which is packed with fresh, organic avocado which is packed with skin-caring oils and rich vitamins. Also, infused with olive oil, it will help soften the skin. Lush’s best seller Butterball Bath Bomb is stuffed with lumps of cocoa butter, that will make your skin super soft. It has hints of ylang ylang, musk and chocolate from the tiny shavings of cocoa butter that melt into your bath.
Lush has the perfect gifts, and who would be disappointed with these great treats! Lush is skilled in the art of bathing, so indulge in Lushness.

Other favorites; French Kiss Bubble Bar, and Sex Bomb.

Lush Cosmetics Emotibombs and Bath Bombs $3.95 – $14.95

– Kelley D. Epps-Woods, Beauty Writer

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