Not So Great: The 5 Worst Trends of 2008

December 27, 2008 • Magazine

Not So Great: The 5 Worst Trends of 2008

Not So Great: The 5 Worst Trends of 2008

Sat, 2008-12-27 11:00

Heatherbelle Bridgeview

1. Peep-Toed Shoes for Fall/Winter ’08
They look great in that French Vogue spread but from October through March they will only look great sitting in your closet.

• Miu Miu Suede Platform Pumps
• Alexander McQueen Neon Flash Shoe Boot (OK. WTF is a shoe boot? Really.)

2. Candy-Colored Bags
It seemed like such a great idea last spring… until the economy went to hell in a handbasket (or handbag?). Do you really want to invest in any bag in a color that’s also used for lollipops?

• Chloe Ines Box Clutch
• Alexander McQueen Elvie Patent Leather Tote

3. Boho Chic
This is cheating a little bit. This is a look that manifests itself every spring and fall in some shape or form — and it’s pretty much always an excuse for young women to be slobs and older women to pretend that they’re young again and trekking through a cosmopolitan city. Tres gauche.

• Anna Sui Habotai Silk Print Dress
• Matthew Williamson Tapestry Rose Dress

4. Gold
I admit my bias. I don’t hold a grudge against silver. This is unfair but Heatherbelle is sticking to her guns: Gold looks terrible and cheap on most women. I’m not talking about details like buckles or small Tory Burch insignias on flats. But the huge gold bags and shoes really need to go. Trust me, your friends already call you a gold digger behind your back — they don’t need any more ammo.

• DKNY Sequined Silk Cashmere Sweater
• Miu Miu Metallic Banana Flats

5. Safari
Really? Do you truly think that huge animal prints over half your body will make you look sexy and exotic? One piece could be fine (think a belt and perhaps a shoe) but a little Cavalli goes a long way. Meow.

• Guiseppe Zanotti Zebra Peep-toe Pumps
• Dolce & Gabbana Silk Print Bustier & Skirt

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