Best of WTF? Our Top 10 List

December 30, 2008 • Celebrity Style

Who doesn’t love a year-end top 10 list? In so many ways we are happy to see 2008 end. Let’s face it, it hasn’t been a particularly good year…especially for fashion. It was so hard to narrow down our favorite celebrity style gaffs, but we finally managed to pick 10!

We present the Best of WTF? 2008!


# 10 Queen Latifah at the Hancock movie premiere the week of June 20, 2008

Comment: Thanks for getting all gussied up, Lateef! Who shows up to a red carpet movie premiere in sweats? The Queen of course.

She Was Thinking:
Sorry y’all, I came straight from the gym!


#9 Christina Aguilera out and about the week of May 30, 2008

We don’t usually use pap-shots in the weekly WTF, but this is Exhibit A
on why to NEVER wear leggings, especially without a dress or something
covering them. Her baby-weight is gone, and they are still
unflattering, and it’s not even her fault!

She Was Thinking:
I want my maternity pants back!


# 8 Misha Barton at MTV Australia Awards 2008 in Sydney, Australia the week of April 24, 2008

Comment: Oh Misha, Misha, Misha! What the hell is that gold nightmare she is wearing?
She has been batting a goose egg lately. Not only is this drop-waist (a
trend we hate seeing back) gold number unflattering and just plain
hideous…the shoes are dreadful! Women with size 11 feet should never
wear white shoes. Never. It makes your feet look larger than they are
(trust me with a size 8.5 I had a pair once (in the 90’s) and rarely
wore them). It screams…

She’s thinking: Look at my giant feet!


# 7 Kim Kardashian at the Premiere of Hancock in London, England week of June 20, 2008.

First, what was she doing there? Second, this is a perfect example why
the maxi dress does not work for everyone! Kim looks seriously huge in
this dress. Great dress, wrong body. If you are curvy, be careful when
wearing a maxi. Go for one with a little less fabric…and a little
less cleavage. Wait, it’s Kim Kardashian was are talking about here. So
it’s either tits, ass or both!

She’s thinking: I am strategically covering all my jiggly bits.


#6 Rachel Zoe at the Art Party and Auction hosted by the Whitney Contemporaries in NYC week of June 20, 2008

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! That’s me laughing at all the clients she just lost
for wearing this getup she lifted from Mrs. Ropper’s closet.

She’s thinking: Come on don’t make fun of me. You know how sensitive I am!


# 5 Raven-Symone at the Christian Audigier’s ONE WORLD show during LA Fashion Week in L.A. The week of March 13, 2008

The look on her face pretty much sums up this outfit. I don’t think I
really need to explain what is wrong here…do I? This looks like
something I might have worn in 1983 (except I would have pulled it off). Was she even born yet?

She’s thinking: Don’t you take that picture until I’ve fixed my hair. Damn it! Don’t you listen?


# 4 Maria Venutti at the Emirates Melbourne Cup Carnival
2008 at Flemington Race Course in Melbourne,

Comment: This photo was taken
November 4, so no matter where you live Halloween was unequivocally
over! So we have no idea what is going on here. We love the bit of
black lace bra poking through that adds even more drama to this
frightening ensemble.

She’s thinking: Me and Nicole Kidman…see the resemblance?


# 3 Beth Ditto at The Brits Awards 2008 after party in London the week of February 22, 2008 

Comment: Aside from the fact her bra is just hanging out for the world to see,
this outfit is just not figure friendly for anyone over 100 lbs and under 5’8".
Then again who are we kidding? Like she gives a damn. Is that a
nicotine patch tucked under her left bra cup? Yeesch!

She’s thinking: Oh my God! I think I forgot to go commando! So I have panty lines? Here, hold my cupcake.


# 2 Paula Abdul at the "Late Show with David Letterman" on December 10, 2008 in NYC.

Paula Abdul went on David Letterman last week wearing this outfit she
stole from Adam Ant circa 1983. We don’t know which is crazier…her
outfit, her odd behavior or her tacky jewelry line which she is hawking
on QVC (she was wearing the entire collection on the show). Less is
more Paula. Clearly this lesson has been lost on her.

She’s thinking: Stand and deliver! Your money or your life.


# 1 Madonna at the
launch of the Tattoo Heart Collection to Benefit UNICEF dinner in NYC the week of November 21, 2008

We don’t know whether to water her or dry her out, roll her and smoke her! This dress is an amazing tribute to green
living and only Madonna could pull it off. Let’s face it, she has never
been one to shy away from fashion risks. However, this outfit begs for attention and frankly, we are done with her. She has had her fill for the year.

She’s thinking: I only have four minutes to save this dress. Does anyone have a spray water bottle?

– Second City Style

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