Celebrity Style Smackdown. Who Wore It Best?

January 5, 2009 • Celebrity Style

We are so sorry! It has been nearly two months since we had a Celebrity Style Smackdown. We need to start the new year out right. So here you go…


Becki Newton vs. Kylie Minogue in YSL

Winner: Becki Newton has become a red carpet staple the past year and for good reason. She wear clothes well! Therefore, she is the clear winner. Why? It comes down to fit. Kylie’s dress is too big. Look at the dress from the waist down. It should be hugging her body better. I also prefer Becki’s shoe choice and accessories better.


Christina Hendricks vs. Helena Christensen in 3.1 Phillip Lim

This comes down to color and for this reason Helena wins. The orange color of this dress makes Mad Men’s Christina looks almost clownish. When you have a bright hair color you probably shouldn’t wear the same color as your hair head-to-toe. I also prefer the black jacket and shoes Helena paired with the silk number, not to mention the hemline which is more flattering. Helena knocked Christina out!


Carmen Electra vs. Kim Kardashian in D&G

Winner: It’s a tie. I hate it on both! This dress makes me cringe, but particularly on curvy figures. Both women are a little to well endowed to pull off the ruffled strapless top and the ugly denim bottom is the worst. Love the shoes though.


Anna Faris & Bijou Phillips in Dolce & Gabbana

Winner: Bijou Phillips. Again it’s all about fit. Anna’s dress is too tight up top and too long on the bottom. Seriously, you should never be in danger of popping out of your dress. My mother taught me you look thinner if your clothes are not tight. She was right.


Ashley Tisdale vs. Leona Lewis in a Jenny Packham silver beaded mini dress

Winner: I can’t believe it, but the Tis actually wins this one! Since the dress is beaded and busy, Ashley smartly kept it simple. Leona’s shiny opaques and heavy bracelet action are just too busy and distracting. The dress should play the staring role in this ensamble.


Heidi Klum vs. Claudia Schiffer in Roland Mouret

Winner: Yikes, it’s the battle of the super models (I would not want to step into the ring with either of these heavy weights!) and as expected, Heidi wins. The color of the dress is beautiful with her skin tone and I love that she chose to stay away from safe black. Her hair and makeup are flawless. Mind you, Claudia looks great, but we had to pick a winner and if she had worn her hair up or at least with some body…she coulda been a contender.


Jenny McCarthy vs. Blake Lively in Gucci

Winner: In this case, safe black was a better bet. Jenny wins. The dress looks better in all black and is also more age approprite on a woman in her 30’s. Just as it is not cool to dress too young, there is no reason why a young woman should dress too old. Blake has plenty of years ahead of her for that! Jenney…meow!

Photos: People.com

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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