Second City Style’s New Year’s Resolutions

January 6, 2009 • Off-Topic


We asked the team here at Second City Style if they wanted to share some of their New Year’s resolutions with you. Mind you, we asked they be realistic and therefore attainable. So feel free to leave a comment with support, your own resolution or to check back and see if we are actually sticking to them!

Lauren Dimet Waters: To finally kick caffeine and tone it down on my Tasti-D-Lite addiction and come to think of it…handbag addiction. I would say lose weight, but we all know that’s a sucker’s bet if it’s a resolution.

Carol Calacci: To dress more conservatively to avoid looking like Donatella Versace…and I may as well avoid the sun while I’m at it!

Joseph Ungoco: I’m kicking off my 2009 “Forty isn’t Fatal” fitness tour of gyms, boxing gyms, mixed martial arts studios, pilates and yoga studios, spas, dermatology clinics.  I’m resolving to exhaust all non-surgical means to increase my well being and appearance this year. 

Jacqueline Zenn: To always be put together and never leave my apartment in just jeans and a t-shirt – I have so many great clothes and besides, you never know who you might meet!

Bonnie Brown: To drink more water and to be able to fit into my favorite pair of jeans again.

Jenn Scott: Run a half-marathon in April and remember to take my lunch to work so I eat healthier.

Andra Naylor: To obtain greater balance between investment and filler pieces in my wardrobe.

Hayley Wells: Eat breakfast every day. Stop wasting money on Starbucks and trade coffee for tea!

Kelley Epps-Woods: To stop impulsively buying makeup until I go through what I already have in my heap of a makeup stash. To throw out what I have been holding on to, but really needs to go.

Allsion Merzel: To think with a more positive outlook and not over-analyze the small things.

Heatherbelle: I’m not telling anyone who doesn’t look good that he or she looks good. If your outfit looks like crap I’ll tell you that you have nice eyes.

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