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January 7, 2009 • Shopping



Jacqueline Zenn for Second City Style Magazine

Another year, another set of resolutions. Every year people resolve
to lose weight, save more money, be more organized, or otherwise better
themselves, but it is rare that this self-improvement binge extends to the wardrobe.
However, changing your look – whether it involves a complete makeover
or simply deciding to stop wearing jeans all the time (you know who you
are) – can lead to many positive changes in other aspects of your life
as well. And hey, if your life still sucks, at least your clothes are glamorous. There are three essential types of “style resolutions”. The Total Overhaul, the new desire to Wear the Rainbow, and the Minor Upgrade

The Total Overhaul is typically precipitated by a
major life event, such as a breakup or drastic weight loss, and it
involves an entire assessment and resulting change in one’s appearance
that may or may not include a new hair cut or color and makeup routine
as well as a more stylish appearance. Sometimes it also involves going in a new style direction,
like switching from boho chic to a more elegant and pulled-together
look, or becoming riskier with one’s fashion choices and picking up a
few pieces from avant garde labels. Women aiming for classic good taste
are best served by investing in a few timeless pieces, like the perfect
cashmere cardigan, a strand of pearls, or a chic handbag like this
quilted shoulder bag from Banana Republic. For the opposite effect,
something like this Lutz & Patmos Cardigan would add some edge to a dull closet.

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