Beauty Beat. Goody and ‘the City’

January 8, 2009 • Beauty


OK, I am going to admit something…my new guilty pleasure is MTV’s new series, ‘theThe_city_logo_3
City.’ Come on we are all friends here…admit you watch it too. How can you resist Whitney’s blank stare and ‘social’ Olivia’s bitchiness? Another thing I am going to admit is sometimes, when I am having a bad hair day, I twist my hair back like Whitney and Olivia have been sporting in every episode. Mind you, I have been doing it for years…using bobby pins that blend into my hair.

Now Goody has made it’s mini hair claws in natural (or unnatural) hair colors so they don’t draw unwanted attention like the neon ones of yore. Genius.


So hit your drugstore and purchase your own Goody ColourCollection™ Mini Claw Clips. They are only $2.99 for 12! Available in Blonde, Brunette, Black…just twist about one inch of hair one either side of your part, secure at the crown with the clips…and you are channeling your inner Whit, Whit.

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