Retailers at Intermezzo Miss the Boat

January 8, 2009 • Fashion

Since stores have been virtually wiped out of inventory after a tough holiday season of never seen before discounts, many retailers need to replenish their inventory immediately. As they browsed the aisles of the just concluded Intermezzo show at the Jacob K. Javits
Convention Center
in New York, many were left frustrated.

According to WWD, Stacey Pecor, owner of the four Manhattan-based Olive & Bette’s stores, wasn’t happy with the mix at Intermezzo.

so sad; I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do,” she said. “I have
a large open-to-buy and I’m not finding much of anything here. I was
expecting to be able to get more immediates, but am surprised that
these vendors have so much for summer. I’m not thinking about those
deliveries now. I can’t think that far ahead. These vendors need to be
more in touch with what the consumers want now.”

With that said, Pecor said she did find some good accessories as well as immediates at Rebecca Taylor, AG and Joie.

“I’m worried and getting desperate and that’s not good,” she said.Intermezzo_spring2_2

Siegal, owner of Rapunzel’s Closet stores in Palm Beach, Fla. said she was disappointed with a lot of what
exhibitors were offering.

“We are a bit shocked that the summer
colors are pretty dark [olives, purples],” she said. “We thought it
would have been brighter and punchier. Also, a few brands offered
discounts if you leave your orders at the show, [but] we expected to
see more vendors discounting, offering free shipping or lowering their

While Intermezzo, which is typically held at the Show
Piers, was slightly smaller than last January’s version (when there
were 501 exhibitors), there were still 453 booths on display. ENK
International executives said they had no issues filling the space at
the Javits Center, saying that they couldn’t possibly fit any more

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