2008: Celebrity Style Year in Review

January 9, 2009 • Magazine

2008: Celebrity Style Year in Review

2008: Celebrity Style Year in Review

Sat, 2009-01-10 07:00

Simona Kogan

2008 was so many things to so many people. But to us, it was a life-changing year, fashion-wise. We learned how to wear gladiator booties, how the right leather jacket can oomph up any outfit… and of course, we learned how to dress like a style statement-making celeb. From multi-prints to mauve, we learned how the worst of the worst get where they are, but also how the best of the best make it to the top.

Second City Style relives the best fashion statements of 2008.

2008 Was The…

…Year of the Print
Sure, celebs enjoyed wearing bright colors like fuscia and teal, but the real celebs went beyond that point to add all kinds of elements to their amazing outfits. In other words, instead of just wearing one embellished piece, they took a loud, lavish print or a bunch of random mixed up colors and va-va-voom. Could the world have been a better place when Kate Bosworth wore multiprint Chanel? What about Mischa Barton’s striped Missoni or Kate Hudson’s paisley Phillip Lim dress? One thing’s for sure, when these celebs stood out in brilliantly dazzling pieces, we took notice and we imitated with drop-waist dresses and print on shoes. This year, thanks to celebs and their prints, I’ll be able to take that style to a whole other level.

…Year of the Poof
In my favorite style trend of the year (next to ruffles of course), celebs consistently added volume to their attire. Whether it was in arm sleeves (the ultimate) or in a voluptuous bubble skirt, celebs had no qualms about adding some heftiness to their physique—as long as it was fashionable of course. When Natalie Portman wore puff sleeves to the Cannes Film Festival, we stood up and cheered. When Sienna Miller wore bright red Dior with a poof skirt, our hearts gave a flutter. Though poof isn’t always the greatest (think Solange Knowles in that fugly bright orange number way back when,) I think I’m going to pick myself up a tee with ruched and slightly puffy sleeves, courtesy of Rachel Bilson.

…Year of The Floral
If nothing else, 2008 for celebs may have just been the year of the floral print. What celeb didn’t wear flowers on their dresses at least once? Whether it was dark florals, bright ones, or simply a floral design that stood out on a structured piece, celebs took to this trend quite immediately. Who could forget Kelly Osbourne’s winning dark floral ensemble, the moment for me that she transformed her look. Then there was Angelina Jolie’s stunning Nicole Miller maternity gown that everyone wanted to copy. And who could forget Heidi Montag’s watercolor dress at the Kentucky Derby or Mischa Barton’s purple floral halter top dress for summer. One of the major looks that can be translated from summer to fall and from dark to bright, florals took off in 2008 and now they’re here to stay.

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