Red Carpet Bling. Perfect Precious Platinum

January 9, 2009 • Accessories

SJP in platinum

“I love platinum. It goes with everything. It never goes out of style and always looks beautiful." —Cheryl Hines (Curb Your Enthusiasm)

Platinum isn’t just for wedding rings. With the red carpet season approaching, it’s important to note most of the precious gems you see on the red carpet are set in platinum. The precious metal is nearly perfect. Not only is it rare, it’s is incredibly strong, won’t fade or tarnish and is resistant to wear. Platinum is the purest metal in the world (95% pure in fact, compared to 18 karat gold which
is 75% pure). It is also the rarest which makes it exclusive and distinctive, there is
very little platinum on earth, so it’s all the more special.Beaudry_weddingset2_2

Platinum has always been associated with status. What musician doesn’t want a Platinum Record? It’s even used in several anti-wrinkle creams boasting amazing antioxidant properties.

Back to jewelry…The Hope Diamond, one of the most famous examples of a rare gem is set in a necklace of platinum and diamonds, as is the Mackay Emerald and the famous Krupp diamond owned by Elizabeth Taylor.


The Hope Diamond

Most of all, platinum is a sign of eternity, making it the ideal choice for wedding rings and heirlooms.

Coast Diamond Engagement Ring

Per Amore Wedding Band


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