Celebrity Style. WTF Was She Thinking?! Super Size Edition

January 12, 2009 • Celebrity Style

We know what you’re thinking. This post is gonna be all about celebs who have let their pooch come out a little too much after packing on those extra 5 pounds during holiday time and don’t dress to hide it.

No, no, and NO.

When I say super size, I mean the big celebs. The A-listers. Sure, we’re used to seeing D-list stars (think Phoebe Price) in two-tone garbage bags and too-bright tees, but lately these superstars who normally have superstar style status have been falling by the wayside in the fashion department. In fact, it just saddens me how bad they are getting as of late. 

Jessica Alba


We know, we know.  Every blog and their mother have commented on those new blunt bangs, that frilly ruffled shirt, and those weird purple pants. But we just had to add Jessica Alba to the list. I think I’d like the ruffled shirt on its own. Purple pants? Frizzy hair? Aviators? I didn’t know disco was back. 

What’s next? Silk pajamas for evening? Oh wait…

Anne Hathaway

And just when we thought she couldn’t get any better…she gets worse???? What is going on with this dress? Two-tone, misshaped…We like what the designer was trying to go for here. But he got it all wrong…

Rumer Willis


Rumer is supposedly a fashion pro. She was just featured in InStyle for her perfectly chic style choices. So then what happened here? A demure look that’s almost see-through? In beige? Nice try, Rumer, but this doesn’t work.

Mira Sorvino

Mira, Mira, on the wall…you’re definitely not the fairest one of them all…but, not in this shapeless thing!

Kate Hudson
And now I’m shaking my head in disbelief and slapping my hand to my forehead. Kate Hudson. You looked gorgeous at the Critics Choice Awards in teal. Simply gorgeous.  So why did you have to go back to boho and get it WRONG. Ripped jeans, a Gucci top that’s all over the place. *Sigh* What are we going to do with you…

Photos: People, Wireimage
–Simona Kogan

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