Retail Detail. American Apparel All Grown Up?

January 15, 2009 • Shopping


News today–especially fashion related–is filled with talk of companies struggling to stay alive in corporate America. The retail slum saddens me, mostly because I love to shop and the thought of stores going out of business is a scary one. It's become common and almost expected for sales to be decreasing, so you can imagine my shock when I read that American Apparel was up 3% in sales and not planning on Aa
closing any of their stores, many of which just opened last year in hipstervilles around the country. In fact, their outlook on the current retail situation is uncommonly positive, with company founder Dov Charney saying, "I think we've struck a chord in American culture." My immediate thought was, "Are this many people in America still trying to pass off leggings as pants?!?" 

The brand, synonymous with latex and lawsuits, has become somewhat of a uniform for young trendsetters everywhere. It's speculated that their reason for success is for appealing to young people, who are more carefree and flippant about how they spend their money. Sure, it's trendy now, but does this brand have staying power? According to WWD, "Charney is aiming to slowly expand American Apparel’s product offerings" in order to stay relevant with its customers as they mature; he mentioned hopes of making a "cool men's pant" and moving away from the flashy designs made the brand famous. Does this include modifying their signature inappropriate ad campaigns? I certainly hope so.

– Alice Hayes

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