The Thing I am Loving Today. Fashionably Warm in Rag & Bone Coat

January 20, 2009 • Shopping

Fact: Winter in Chicago is very, very cold. Cold to the point of driving perfectly rational, stylish women to revert to wearing a daily uniform of North Face puffer coats and Ugg boots.

Yet another fact: This look is not cute, and there are much more fashionable ways to stay warm; it just takes a little effort.

Serena_ragbone Take this Rag and Bone coat for example. It's appropriately dubbed "Great Coat" by the designers.  First of all, charcoal is such a great choice for a winter coat, as it can suit any fashion need: be it to blend into the crowd, or to look effortlessly cool without trying. Not to mention it matches both black and brown boots, which is crucial.

The double breasted military style has quickly become a classic when it comes to outerwear. But my very favorite aspect of this coat is that it comes with a detachable capelet (although it's so cute, I don't think I would ever detach it!)

And best of all, it's on sale!

-Alice Hayes

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