The Thing I am Loving Today. FUZE Slenderize

January 21, 2009 • Magazine

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OK, I know we normally don't talk about drinks. Especially those that have no alcohol content, but I had to share my latest obsession. A drink that keeps you thin and tastes yummy? It's true. Even scary thin Posh Spice drinks the stuff, but it doesn't change the fact… FUZE Slenderize rules!

The trendy drink has an A-list following with Jessica Simpson, Katie Holmes, Rihanna, Kanye West, and many more (including yours truly) who love the Slenderize line.

All seven flavors of FUZE Slenderize line are fan-freaking-tastic (and I have tried them all), but the Blueberry Raspberry is my favorite. Mind you, I am drinking Tropical Punch as I write this. At 20 calories per bottle today’s woman does not have to sacrifice taste or style to lead a healthier lifestyle. Amen to that! Finally a resolution I can keep.

The FUZE Slenderize line focuses on calorie management and features Super Citrimax– that helps to support a normal appetite and healthy metabolism. It has only 5-10 calories per serving (20 for the whole bottle) and contains only natural flavors.

Now a shot of vodka with your FUZE Slenderize would be tasty, but don't tell them I said that. I will hold my head up high and deny, deny, deny!

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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  1. This one looks good I have to try one.

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