Fashion. In a Barbie World

January 22, 2009 • Fashion


When it comes to fashion muses, so many of them are like one hit
wonder bands–hot one minute and out of style the next. To really have
a lasting impact, a girl has to be original, but still have mainstream
appeal. Men want her; women want to be her. Think Audrey Hepburn or
Kate Moss. But even Audrey and Kate have nothing on the gal I'm about
to talk about. Just around the corner from her 50th birthday, she's
having an entire show dedicated to her come fashion week, and
Bloomingdale's just opened an in-store boutique in her honor. And just
who is this style maven? Why none other than your old friend and mine: Barbie.

In the era of dying department stores, perhaps a little Barbie boost
will be just what Bloomingdale's needs to stay ahead of the game. “At
Bloomingdale’s, we like to make people smile and Barbie is
fun," Bloomies CEO Michael Gould told WWD this morning. "There aren’t that many females in America that didn’t grow up with Barbie.”

The store features the theme "My Boyfriend is Back" (because if you
didn't hear, Barbie and Ken are back together after their split in
2004) and will feature clothes, jewelry, and accessories as well as
books, dolls, and other Barbie memorabilia.

And as sort of a birthday present to our favorite fashionista, 50 designers have teamed up to put together the first ever Barbie runway show at Fashion Week in February. DVF, Anna Sui, and Vera Wang are confirmed to be designing Barbie inspired pieces, so be prepared to think pink.

-Alice Hayes

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  1. Down Pillow says:

    I’m just suprised we didn’t see the other side of Ken – wink wink.

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