“O” No She Didn’t: Michelle Dresses too “Mumsy”

January 22, 2009 • Magazine

Even the best of us have our off days. I couldn't imagine how horrified I'd be if my every move, and worse–every outfit–was scrutinized by journalists across the country. And that's why when I read an article in the NY Post today urging Michelle to "ditch the matronly duds," I felt for her.

Michelle_o The article focused most of its bashing on the Tracy Feith dress Mrs. O donned at a prayer service, calling it "housewifely" and included comparisons to Mamie Eisenhower and June Cleaver.

I'm going to be honest–I don't love her dress here. I also don't hate it. The print is a little busy; I think we all can agree we prefer Michelle in a bright solid color as opposed to this. However, it's classy and conservative, the two of which are dare I say, appropriate, considering this is a prayer service.

The Post suggested a skirt suit, or at least a jacket over a dress to illustrate her status as a working mom and city slicker.

Yes, she could have worn something more fashionable. I think we sometimes forget that the Obamas might have a little more on their minds than simply how to outfit themselves. Regardless of what her style choices are, Michelle Obama is going to be criticized and the fact that she can take everything said about her and her husband with such grace says more about her strength as a woman as any power suit ever could have.

– Alice Hayes

Source: NY Post

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