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January 28, 2009 • Beauty


It seems I often have a hideous breakout from an allergic reaction and am in need the perfect fix to calm my skin. There are other times when I just want a deep cleansing for my ultra sensitive, clogged skin. Whatever the problem may be, I have found some perfect masks to tackle the issues…

Have oily skin or prone to breakouts?

Astar's Blue Flame Mask is miraculous. I first experienced this wonderful mask at a spa. It was so deep cleaning, and felt so soothing. I love a product that 'feels' like it is working. After my session, I was pleased to see the calmness come back to my skin, as well as the healthy glow that followed. This mask is perfect for the occasional breakout, and can even be placed on an unsightly blemish at night. If you just need a deep cleansing, Blue Flame is filled with botanicals, detoxifying, and antibacterial healing agents to clean out your pores, without over-drying. With ingredients like tea tree oil, vitamin E, and lavender, it is ultra soothing and ideal for oily skin. However, it works well for all skin types.

Need to firm skin and tighten pores?

Try Ole Henrisken's Firm Action Mask . Made for all skin types, this mask makes your skin tighter, brighter, and dewier. Try applying this before a night out for the perfect mini-face lift. The fine clays and herbs re-contour the skin and provide an instant lift. Loaded with aloe vera gel, dead sea salt, and soy flour, I like that it doesn't make your skin dry like some other facial mask.

Have dry skin and need hydration?

Try Dr. Andrew Wells for Origins Plantidote™ Mega-Mushroom Skin-Calming Face Mask. If you have had to much sun, wind and dehydration, or even too many hours on a plane your skin will need extra help. This creamy, soothing treatment mask has Ginger, Holy Basil and Turmeric rushes to aid in the relief of your skin. Chinese Leaf Extract calms the redness, and marine algae and plant extracts aids in moisture, revitalizes and helps with the occasional flare ups. Feel free to layer this on before bed, its great for night-time restoration.

Great Inexpensive Options:
Queen Helen Mint Julep Face Mask, $3.99
Biore Self Heating Mask, $7.49

– Kelley Epps-Woods

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  1. Anonymous says:

    As for AloeVera Gel. I rarely use that. but I was getting acid face peels done at the derm and aloe was good for after that. I think it helps damaged skin, like sun burn, dryness, etc. I dont really use it tho, just rarely, so I dont really know for certain.

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