Style Sleuth. Working It Without Showing It: Appropriate Attire in the Workplace

January 28, 2009 • Fashion


Rachel Yeomans for Second City Style Magazine

Recently I attended a work association luncheon that toted a very
interesting topic and drew many members of the business world to
attend; however the luncheon brought about another topic completely
unrelated to that of the agenda. The topic of clothing.

I had never seen so much “skin” during a work-related event — even
including work holiday parties and happy hours. The question came to
mind: Since when did work functions become flaunting functions?

Granted, I love my mini skirts and strapless tops like the next
girl; however those items are stored for weekend or evening wear. They
never accompany the purse holding my business card holder. Call me a prude, but I feel a bit of Emily Post needs to be reintroduced into the female work wardrobe.

The gender fashion divide is quite significant when it comes to dress code.
Men usually have the options of slacks, button-down tucked in shirt,
nice shoes, and perhaps a tie or jacket. Maybe for casual attire you
have jeans or a polo shirt. Either way, there isn’t much wiggle room.
For women, we’ve always had a lot more flexibility with work attire. We
can wear skirts, slacks, pumps, flats, button-down shirts or something
between a shirt and blouse, many styles of jackets … and the list keeps
going. However there is a difference between work outfit wiggle room
and inappropriate.

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  1. Workchic says:

    Very true! Love that you have a vest example both appropriate and inappropriate. It is important for women to see it’s not just the article of clothing but also the way it is worn.

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