Beauty Treatments. Pure Med Spa Files For Bankruptcy

January 30, 2009 • Fashion


Last December Second City Style reported Pure Med Spa was under fire for scaring patients, so it comes as no surprise the company has filed for bankruptcy. The ailing economy nailed their coffin. When people are watching their dollars removing unwanted body hair and wrinkles may not seem so important.

According to Deal Watch affiliates of Pure Med Spa, filed for bankruptcy protection in Atlanta last month. Two other related corporate entities on Tuesday made separate bankruptcy filings—Pure Laser Hair Removal & Treatment Clinics Inc. and John Street Holdings LLC.

Pure Med Spa has locations in Chicago, St. Louis, Las Vegas, Los
Angeles, San Diego, Portland, Ore., Seattle, Silicon Valley and

Source: Deal Watch

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4 Responses to Beauty Treatments. Pure Med Spa Files For Bankruptcy

  1. Confused says:

    It is amazing to me that Second City Style has become an overnight critic of Pure Med Spa! Just last October you used Pure Med Spa as a Sponsor for your Event at the W Hotel and included in the gift bag for your valued guest Pure Med Spa goodies with NO complaints???

  2. Lauren - Second City Style says:

    Dear Confused,
    We did not become overnight critics. When your company is exposed for burning and scaring patients and you have no doctor on staff, how can we continue to support that? Why did Pure Med Spa put themselves in this position? I still personally don’t have a complaint about Pure Med Spa, but obviously others do. Besides, this came to light after our event.

  3. Not Confused...Bewildered says:

    Good Afternoon Lauren,
    In response to your previous “BLOG” I just wanted to say a few things…
    Well maybe instead of “Overnight Critics” I should have used the term “Band Wagon Jumpers,” because only those that are so quick to judge and jump on BAND WAGONS, do so WITHOUT CHECKING THEIR FACTS!
    First of all…Why did Pure Med Spa put themselves in “what” position? If you have any questions, you can easily contact our Supervising Physician, Dr. Thomas Boesen and our Chief of Staff, Dr. Herbert Kollinger.
    Second of all, Second City Style was more than happy to contact Pure Med Spa to ask for “Sponsorship,” but not so quick when it came to obtaining the facts.
    And Lastly, if you open your eyes and take a good look around…you will see that MANY powerhouse companies and Fortune 500 companies have been affected by this economy….But just like those companies Pure Med Spa will forge ahead and continue to provide exceptional services and outstanding customer service.
    …..So best of luck to you in your job…

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