WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was in Bad Celebrity Fashion

January 30, 2009 • Celebrity Style

Ashanti leopard

and Carol McKinney at McKinney's Grammy nomination and birthday celebration in New York City.

Comment: Is she competing with Jane of the Jungle? I'm all for animal prints, but there are just too many things going on here. Ladies, take a word of advice: when attempting to pull off large prints, a little bit goes a long way. The earrings, belt, tons of bangles… a little over the top.

She's Thinking: Yes, I did just get back from a safari vacation. What gave it away?

Frances fisher 20th ann producers guild wards

Frances Fisher at the 20th Annual Producers Guild Awards in LA

Comment: The skull and crossbones isn't even what's scaring me… it's this ensemble. Something went wrong somewhere between the fur, velvet, boots and skeletal mess. Oh, and the fact the outfit is not age appropriate.

She's Thinking: Can you believe I found this half off at the "Pirates of the Caribbean" sample sale?!

Janie haddad flight of the conchords viewing party

Janie Haddad and Paul F. Tompkins at the "Flight of the Conchords" Season 2 viewing party in NYC

Comment: Here's your hat, what's your hurry? Uh, how about getting out of that awful outfit. Stick to one major trend, Miss Haddad. Plaid or fringe. Those boots are perfect for trekking through a snow storm, but not the red carpet. And to quote Chandler Bing, could your suit be any tighter, Paul?

She's Thinking: Am I the luckiest girl or what? Back off ladies, he's all mine!

Lady gaga nokia 5800 launch party in london

Lady GaGa at the Nokia 5800 launch party in London, England.

Comment: Pebbles Flintstone called, she wants her hair style back. What's with the matching bow on the dress? This is one present I won't be asking for this year. Totally overdone, but kinda funny.

She's Thinking: Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!

Raven simone 17th annual trumpet awards

Raven Simone at the 17th Annual Trumpet Awards in Atlanta, Georgia.

Comment: Is she channeling Mortisha Addams? If so, it's quite a success. The ensemble wouldn't be so disastrous if she were to lose the bolero and gloves. And maybe get fitted properly for the gown.

She's Thinking: I hope I'm not late for prom night at the Addams Family mansion!

Rhea perlman 20th ann producers guild awards

Rhea Perlman and Danny Devito at the 20th Annual Producers Guild Awards in Los Angeles.

Comment: When has Danny Devito ever been the one to outshine anyone? I think this might be a fashion first! I am all for women following the menswear trend, but this is not how to do it. The all-over velvet and orthopedic shoes are not working for me. Overall, this look is a mess…but I do give her props for trying.

She's Thinking: Maybe next time I shouldn't raid my husband's closet.

Allison Merzel
Photos: WireImage

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  1. Janie says:

    Aw. Mean. It was cold. And I think Paul looks nice. I know one is not supposed to respond to mean comments about themselves on websites, but you should know it was FREEZING that night. 🙁

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