Beauty Buzz. Issey Miyake Launches Water-Based Antiaging Skincare

February 2, 2009 • Beauty


Designer Issey Miyake is introducing to the skin care market a water-based antiaging cream. The designer, who famously concocted his debut fragrances in the image of the odorless liquid, will introduce La Crème de L'Eau by Issey Miyake.

"This first step in skin care appeared [obvious] for the brand — after making water into perfume, the designer has turned water into total skin care," said Nathalie Helloin Kamel, vice president of Issey Miyake Parfums. "It has been a long time that Issey Miyake himself wanted to enter the skin care segment. We consider that the values the brand conveys — essentially, purity — are totally in line with the world of skin care.

Kamel says, "Our ambition is not to enter the top five of skin care brands but to propose a different approach to skin care. We already have very good consumer loyalty for our fragranced body care lines, and [consumers] have already asked us for skin care products."

The cream, an antiaging product, consists of mineral-rich water sourced from the Kirishima spring on the Japanese island of Kyushu. According to legend, the spring, or onsen, was discovered by a samurai warrior whose wounds healed after drinking its water. Kirishima water makes up 57% of La Crème de L'Eau's formula, which was composed by Shiseido Laboratory.

Other key ingredients include myrtle extract, said to encourage the synthesis of proteins that prolong cells' life cycles; microproteins, which purportedly encourage the production of collagen and carnosine, an antioxidant.

The cream targets women aged 30 and up. "For younger customers, we recommend they use it as a cure treatment once a year," said Helloin Kamel.

La Crème de L'Eau, will bow in France, the U.S., Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, the U.K., Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand.

– Kelley Epps- Woods, Beauty Writer

Source: WWD

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