Fashion Week. Marc Jacobs to Scale Back Fashion Show

February 2, 2009 • Fashion Shows


Guess my invitation is not in the mail. Marc Jacobs has slashed the number of invites to his sought after New York fashion show at the 69th Regiment
Armory on Lexington Avenue by more than half. Now the hottest ticket in town, is even hotter.

Robert Duffy, president of Marc Jacobs
International, said that for the designer’s fall show on February 16 the
guest list is being cut from 2,000 (1,100 seated and 900 standing) — to
700, or 500 seated and 200 standing, virtually all of the latter
employees. Asked about the celebrity count, he said, “There may be one
or two.”

“This isn’t the time to spend the money to entertain
the entire world,” Duffy said. As for the retention of the vast venue,
he explained: “It’s a great place to show, and it was booked a year
ago. I’m not going to pay a cancellation fee.

“Everybody thinks
it costs the same money to entertain 500 people as opposed to 2,000
[when you’ve got the space],” Duffy continued. “It doesn’t. All those
2,000 people still need to be seated, they still need to check in, this
one needs this, that one needs that, and you know what? It’s very

He noted the scaling back is in line with the firm’s
previously reported decision to forgo a post-show party this season.
“It’s not going to be like it has been in the past, where Marc Jacobs
Inc. entertains everybody for the evening,” he explained. “I’m not
saying it’s not going to go back to that, but right now, during this
economic environment, it would seem ostentatious for us to continue
doing the same thing. [The feeling is] just have the people that need
to be there be there and look at the clothes.”

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