Sign of the Times. Page Six Magazine…86’d

February 2, 2009 • Fashion


I'm seriously bummed. My typical Sunday morning starts with a walk with the dog to get the Sunday NY Post and a cup of Dunkin Donuts decaf lite latte. Then I come home and curl up on the couch and immediately start reading the Page Six Magazine insert. Forget the news. I want my weekly fix of NY gossip, salacious articles and fashion finds…all in a 20 something page digestible format. Now, just a year and a half after it launched (September 2007), news has it the weekly supplement is shutting down.

According to last Thursday's Post, the publication will now appear quarterly. Bummer.

“As a result of the difficult economy and continued advertising decline across the industry, Page Six Magazine will now be published four times a year,” said senior vice president Jennifer Jehn in a statement. “Should the advertising market improve in the future, we will revisit publishing it more frequently.”

News of the closing spread Thursday afternoon as Page Six Magazine staff writers called other publications looking for jobs. A total of 23 positions were cut, according to an insider. I guess that means Ivana Trump's lame article is out too. At least there is one silver lining.

Targeting younger readers with its mix of gossip, entertainment and lifestyle features, the glossy supplement never caught on with advertisers, who were put off by the relatively small circulation of the Sunday paper.

Source: Crain's NY

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