Beauty Interview. What’s in Your Makeup Bag Kelley Epps Woods?

February 5, 2009 • Beauty


Today, in the Second City Style Beauty Dish, as we peek into the makeup bags of our Editor's and Writers, our Editor-in-Chief Lauren Dimet Waters will be speaking with Kelley Epps Woods, Beauty Writer, to give us her day-to-day skincare, her favorite products of the moment, and the products she can't live without

Let's peek into her makeup bag!


LDW: What is your favorite moisturizer/skincare at the moment?

KEW: Right now I am totally into the Clarasonics System. It cleans my face and pores like no other. Because I have very sensitive skin, I usually will use Cetaphil Normal to Oily Cleanser, and apply Vitamin E Moisturizer Cream. It smooths and plumps my skin, and totally absorbs into my skin.

LDW: What's your favorite foundation?

KEW:  I have a hard time with liquid and cream foundations, so I use powders. I am currently using MAC Mineralize Skinfinish. It makes my skin glow and look flawless.

LDW: Do you have a favorite eye product that you are really loving now?

KEW:  For my eyes, I keep it really basic. I may use an black eye pencil to line my eyes occasionally, but if nothing else, I always us my favorite mascara of all time, Dior Show Black Out. It takes my skimpy lashes from thin to voluminous. Many times people ask if I have on false lashes. I *chuckle*

LDW: Any lip product obsessions?

KEW: Because my lips always get dry, I will always have a lip balm or a moisturizing lip gloss. I may have five or six different lip products in my bag at once. My favorite gloss that I tend to reach for is Bella Il Fiore lip gloss. This gloss is so moisturizing, and has the perfect sheer color. If I'm not in the mood for gloss, I love Bigelow 'My Favorite Lip Balm', from Bath and Body Works. It leaves my lips super silky, and I don't need to reapply every few seconds. It's my go-to balm every time.

LDW: So, what's your favorite product of all time, that you can't live without? Or the one product that is always found in your bag ?

KEW:  I cannot live without my NYX Eye Pencils… I must have every brown or black made. They are super cheap, and  great for filling in my brows, and lining my eyes. It always lifts my eyes, and keeps my face looking polished.


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