Reality TV: Vote for Final Designer on New BRAVO Series!

February 5, 2009 • Lifestyle


BRAVO's latest installment of reality television, "The Fashion Show" follows the life of professional fashion designers hoping to make it in the ever so alluring dog-eat-dog world we like to call the fashion industry. The network has left the voting of the final contestant up to America. Beginning today, viewers have the opportunity to send one of two designer hopefuls into the newest competition series. (Just log on here!)

The Designers Up for Vote:

The Fashion Show - Andrew

Andrew, 35
The self proclaimed "Panty-Christ" from L.A. has already begun his own brand. "Andrew Christian," a line of urban inspired underwear, can be found at popular stores such as Kitson, Patricia Fields and Fred Segal. Amazing, right? Well, Andrew feels he has conquered the world of underpinnings and now hopes to take on women's fashion. The perfectly groomed designer refers to himself as a "gaylebrity." In fact, this diva-in-training has been known to throw a rack of merchandise if it's not up to par. "Don't be caught off guard by my cute smile. I'm a bitch," says Andrew. While his shtick is clearly one to make great TV, are his designs good enough to get him there? Andrew obviously thinks so. He hopes to one day have a retrospective of his work displayed at the MET. Um, we'll see about that pretty boy.

The Fashion Show - Elise

Elise, 24
Like Andrew, Elise also has a line of her own clothes called "Elise Bergman." While she currently resides in Chicago (yeah Chicago!), the young talent has been spending the last two winter seasons in the mountains of Montana. Elise pulls inspiration from the relaxed, outdoor setting along with the fast-paced city streets. The potential contestant gets her edge by designing with both city and country girls in mind. This basically means she pairs luxurious silks with natural fabrics like organic cotton. Think hippie meets high fashion. Could make for an interesting collection, no?

Visit to view some samples from Andrew and Elise. While Andrew's clothing has an edgy tone, I personally would rather wear something from Elise's collection. It has that girly look that I am naturally drawn to. However, with Andrew's bitchy attitude and mannerisms, I have to vote for him or should I vote for Chicago's own? Come on, you know that makes for great reality television! Voting for the competition closes February 13th. Happy voting!

Vote here!

-Allison Merzel


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