Bad Idea? Oscar’s Red Carpet To Have Less Wattage This Year

February 6, 2009 • Celebrity Style


The one highlight of the Oscars is the red carpet. Or should I say, was the red carpet? Recognizing that nobody actually cares to watch the telecast (viewership fell to an all-time low
of 32 million last year), the brilliant Academy of Motion Picture Arts and
Sciences plans to keep the names of some celebrity presenters secret this year to add suspense and drama. That means they can choose not to walk the red carpet on February 22.

This could spell disaster for some fashion designers. According to WWD, some
are concerned that fashion’s biggest stage could be seriously compromised if major stars skip the preshow festivities that are broadcast
to millions of viewers for at least two hours before the Oscar

“That is not good news,” said designer Kevan Hall, a
red-carpet regular who has received calls from stylists to dress
starlets this year. “I prefer when they announce who the
presenters are because that way you can do an outreach to the talent
and to the stylists. If you don’t know, you are basically just
depending upon the agents to contact you.”

and its viewers are sophisticated today,” commented Zac Posen. “I think it’s a
brilliant idea to hold the suspense. It’s show business.”

The move was
“a creative decision producers made in wanting to heighten the level of
excitement leading into the show,” said Leslie Unger, an Academy
spokeswoman. “The nominees will all walk the red carpet. Some
presenters will and some will not.”

We can't wait to see how this plays out.

Source: WWD

Photo: WireImage

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