Beauty Interview. What’s in Your Makeup Bag Carol Calacci?

February 9, 2009 • Beauty


Today, with Second City Style Beauty Dish, as we peek into the makeup bags of our Editor's and Writers, we will be speaking with Carol Calacci, Managing Editor, to give us the rundown of her day-to-day skincare, her favorite products of the moment, and the the products she can't live without.

Let's take a peek into her bag!


KDE: What is your favorite moisturizer/skincare at the moment?  

CC: I have tried many products but nothing has improved my skin and kept the moisture in like Sue Devitt's Microquatic anti-aging concentrate. Cetaphil cleanser is the best thing for my face. It is non-drying, simple and gentle.

KDE: What's your favorite foundation?

CC: I like Max Factor's colorGenius with Minerals Foundation. It gives me a nice almost pearly coverage. Speaking of cover -up, I also use Laura Mercier Secret Concealer under my eyes – it is so creamy and it works!

KDE: Do you have a favorite eye product that you are really loving now?

CC: I love the colors of Sue Devitt pencils and shadows. I add drama with the Instant Eye Pencils. Bobbie Brown's Metallic shadows go on smoothly and evenly and come in gorgeous colors, too.  And one of my favorite mascara's that works to thickens my thin lashes is Fully Loaded by Mattese.

KDE: Any lip product obsessions?

CC: I like MAC' s Lip Glass – it has real staying power!

KDE: Do you have a favorite product all time that you can't live without? Or the one product that is always found in your bag?

CC: Lately I can't live without Sue Devitt's Triple Touch Light Reflecting Bronzer. It has hombre stripes bronze, neutral and glimmer, and you can use is eyeshadow, too. Nothing can instantly perk up my complexion like this wonder-bronzer. And it has a nice large mirror in a pretty silver compact.



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  1. Joe Leiteritz says:

    if this is the same Carol Calacci from Marian Class of 77 – you sure retained your good looks well !!

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