The Thing I am Loving Today. Amazon’s Rekindled Kindle…For the Bookworm in Me.

February 10, 2009 • Shopping


The next generation is here. Amazon will be releasing its second generation wireless reading device, Kindle 2 for shipping February 24…and I want it! The updated e-reader is slimmer and has better features, but is still $359. Guess hoping it would drop in price like everything else during this recession was a pipe dream.

Some of the upgrades:

  • half the thickness of the original Kindle
  • can store 7 times more books than the original (1,500)
  • reads text aloud
  • turns pages 25% faster
  • 25% longer battery life
  • can be charged via a USB port

The Kindle 2 still weights about 10 ounces and the catalog boasts 230,000 titles. Also, exclusively for this device is a Stephen King novella titled "UR".

Order yours (and one for me while you are at it) here:

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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