Beauty Review. It’s Time to Lay it on Thick

February 11, 2009 • Beauty

True Blue Spa Lay It On Thick Fragrance-Free Body Cream

Every winter, it seems, I go on the prowl for the thickest body lotion I can find. My rinsing with Baby Oil in the shower just doesn't do the trick in the dead of dry season. I have been a fan of Bath & Body Works body creams for ages, but sometimes I do not want a fragrance and something a little thicker.

To my skin's pleasure, Bath & Body Works has revamped their Lay It On Thick Body Cream ($15.00) from True Blue Spa. This long time favorite has undergone a mini makeover with brand new packaging colors and now for the first time, it's fragrance free!

I loved this lotion because let's face it, nothing makes skin feel better than incredibly rich shea butter. Not only that, this amazing cream takes it a step further with protecting, conditioning vitamin E. So if you're seeing dry spots, don't hold back. Go ahead and slather this nourishing cream all over. So lay it on thick, it won't compete with your perfume!

Available at Bath & Body Works

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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