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February 11, 2009 • Celebrity Style

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Simona Kogan for Second City Style Magazine

Wearing a skirt takes work! You want to have the proper fit, cut, and style.
It needs to fit your backside just right. You need to make sure your
tush looks good — not like something out of a Nutty Professor movie and
definitely not like you need to stick two cushions back there just to
give yourself some meat! It can’t be too tight. And too loose — well
that just doesn’t look good, either.

Fortunately celebs have been on-hand to show us how it’s done — and lucky for us, many of them are doing it right,
pairing their skirts with fitted blazers, flowy blouson tops, or
hauling them over button-down shirts in conservative, but beautiful
looks. Let’s take a look at how they get it done.

1: Long, Fitted and Elegant
The recent Fashion Week in Paris showed us how to wear a beautiful
elegant look properly, topped with a pencil skirt that makes it
sophisticated. Dita von Teese
is the perfect example of this, always wearing graceful, solid business
suits that are keen to the eye. If you’re going to dress your ensemble
up with bottoms that aren’t pants, you need to buy a pencil skirt and
high-waisted ones just polish it up. They’re also great for dinner
parties and dressingup for work.

What to Buy: Bottega Veneta. Wool Crepe Pencil Skirt. $730

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