Front Row Fashion. Barbie’s Celebs Are a Bummer.

February 14, 2009 • New York Fashion Week Fall '09

We hate to kick off the celeb portion of Fall Fashion Week on a bad note, but Barbie's annual Fashion Week display had some of the worst celeb fashion we've seen yet! And it's all in one show! Take a look…

Heidi Klum

OK, so we like the ruffles. But the rest of Heidi's look is so…blah! Liven it up girl! It's Barbie. Put on some Victoria's Secret pink! We've seen you look much better before!

Fabiola Beracosa

This girl looks like a bad combination of Janeane Garafolo and Sarah Silverman! And we know that ain't good!

Jill Zarin

What is that hanging from her arms? Is that flab? OK, so it's "draping" but coulda fooled us!

Kellie Pickler

Girl, you are way too skinny and this dress hangs off you like a poorly constructed curtain! Eat something!

WTF were they thinking?! Don't make the kiddies cry!

Photos: Wireimage

–Simona Kogan

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