New York Fashion Week. Behind the Scenes at Ports 1961

February 19, 2009 • New York Fashion Week Fall '09


Becky interviewing Ports 1961 designer Tia Cibana

I never understood what was so stressful about going backstage before a show… until my sojourn behind the scenes of Ports 1961. Despite scheduling backstage time, the gatekeepers didn't have us on the list. We were allowed in anyway (thanks guys!) only to be muscled out of the way by video crews from cable networks and other web sites, and (politely) nudged aside by the staff trying to get the show on the road… er, runway. But when we finally got to meet Ports 1961 designer, Tia Cibani, she was as gracious and lovely as her collection.



Cibani came up with the idea to use the Moghul Dynasty as the inspiration for her Fall '09 collection in September, in part because of the clothes could reflect the polarities of what's happening in the world: the sobriety of the economic situation with the beauty of everyday life. “It's not about decadence or opulence,” she said, “but about being joyous. We love, we live, we eat, we sleep, we flirt…in spite of what's going on.”

Her masculine and feminine influences parallel the dynamics of the Moghl Dynasty as well.

“The Moghul Dynasty brought structure and practicality. They were warriors. But there was already a people there, draping fabric over their bodies… they were sensual and spontaneous,” she said. “It's about combining the peoples.”


–Becky Ellis

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