New York Fashion Week Fall ’09. Carmen Marc Valvo’s Confectionary Indulgences

February 19, 2009 • New York Fashion Week Fall '09






Summary: As soon as I walked in to Carmen Marc Valvo's presentation at Citrine promptly at 3pm shaking off my umbrella, I was greeted by the designer himself. I was surprised Carmen remembered me from my short lived career at
Neiman Marcus in Chicago a few years back. But, I instantly loved
working with him when he held a trunk show there during my brief employ in
couture. So I try not to miss his shows. I'm a sucker for a nice
guy…and talent. What a welcome change from the last time I saw his collection in the impersonal tents. This is my preferred way to see a collection I have decided. It's more intimate, approachable and personable.

In this economy I think it is smart to put together a tightly edited 20 plus piece collection then send over 30 looks down a runway just to put on a show. I really can't blame any designer who wants a break from the tents which not only cost a fortune to produce, but are stressful. Every presentation I have seen, the designer appears so relaxed.

On to the collection. Considering I was able to walk up and practically touch (I could have but wouldn't dare) the gorgeous gowns, I was could see the incredible detail that went into each. Some of the dresses and gowns were displayed on elevated mannequins and there were a handful of models walking around posing for the photographers. Carmen told me he calls his intricate brass sequined gown strapless cocktail dress with silk overlay his "little gold fish" and his one-shoulder silver lace with silver paillet skirt with silk tulle overlay his "little mermaid." He went on to say, "I look at my collection like a perfectly wrapped, delicious piece of candy.” So did I! I loved the platinum lace flapper dress and raspberry silk tulle strapless gown. He perfected unique embellishments like overlaying sequins, caviar beads and paillettes with silk tulle, or
metallic lace to create a one-of-kind, must-have collection. Had he designed the pewter metallic tulle gown when I was planning my wedding two years ago and was desperately searching for a silver or gunmetal gown to wear to my wedding, I would have worn this…hands down. It was stunning. Carmen just keeps getting better and better. Kudos.

Color Palette: white, purple, raspberry, midnight, crimson, ginger, gold, brass, silver, pewter, grey, black

Fabrics & Textures: cotton, silk tulle, silk organza, satin, cashmere, flannel, wool, wool tweed, chantilly lace, metallic lace, caviar beading, appliques, paillets, sequins

Key Looks: pewter metallic tulle blouse with grey cashmere flannel pants; brass sequined gown strapless cocktail dress with silk overlay; purple one shoulder silk organza tired cocktail dress; flapper style platinum lace cocktail dress; raspberry silk tulle strapless gown; pewter metallic tulle gown.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Photos: Second City Style & WWD

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