Finds on a Dime: Bling for the Buck

February 25, 2009 • Accessories


Rachel Yeomans for Second City Style Magazine

The act of people-watching has turned into a near hobby for me. Work
lunches, Sunday brunch, the shopping mall — I admit that there are
times I like watching pedestrians more than actually joining them. Part
of this activity I so enjoy is to take in particular ensembles worn by
the everyday passerby. One thing I’ve been noticing lately is not a particular look or style. It’s all bling!

Layered necklaces, rings on several fingers, statement earrings with
a complimentary cuff… I haven’t seen so much layered gemstones since
the last David Yurman ad! And what’s so fantastic, is that everyone is
pulling it off. It’s difficult coordinating earrings, necklaces,
bracelets and rings. But the sidewalks I dare say have turned into all-day bejeweled runways.

Jewelry has been one of those “fashion categories” that I have just
recently ventured into. I gladly invest in the latest bootie trend or
spend way too much on the Chanel eye shadow quad, but I’ve never had
the stomach to invest in jewelry. So when I decided to see what layers
of gems I could work into my wardrobe, I opted for the gems in a somewhat conservative price range.

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