Fashion Week Scammers…Seriously?

February 27, 2009 • Fashion

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Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids. That would be tricks, as in the ones being played on innocent (yet, totally foolish) people just hoping to catch a glimpse of a fashion show or two. And by "glimpse" I really mean $12,000 fashion week package. No, that is not a typo. A mother-daughter duo paid scammers that much for a week full of fashion fun. Or so they thought.

Alright, so here is the backdrop: A publicist for BPCM caught the Midwestern gals ingenuously trying to get into the Erin Fetherston show last week. After visiting Fashion Ledge, a so-called online "magazine," the anonymous pair purchased "tickets" (um, I think they mean invitations. Fashion Week is not a run of the mill concert) for an all-inclusive week of runways, celebrities and clothes. Once arriving at Fashion Ledge's website, it is apparent it's littered with scams. You must check it out and see, if not for a laugh. The homepage's model is so obviously air-brushed and the head lines, like "How to shave your man for Valentine's" could make me vomit. The dead giveaway for this hilarious scam? The ladies claiming they were not on the list, nor were they supposed to give away their real names, but simply state they were with "Fashion Ledge." Sketchy.

Alas, when the PR girls pitied the victims, they were allowed in. At least they got to see a show out of it, right? And maybe a gift bag? While I feel sorry for the ladies who doled out major cash for Fashion Week, the whole story is awfully humorous. A word to the wise: When you are asked to shell out thousands of dollars for an event that is "Invitation ONLY" do not comply!

-Allison Merzel

Source & Photo: NY Mag

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2 Responses to Fashion Week Scammers…Seriously?

  1. eye4style says:

    I know it’s hard to believe but Fashion Ledge was a sort-of-legit online outlet. I remember seeing the editor at almost EVERY show I attended last season. His seats were always better than mine too!

  2. Anonymous says:

    On one hand, as the fashion industry’s population proliferates, so are the scams associated with it multiply like crazy. On the other hand, it’s our own eagerness and over excitement about jumping in that’s leads to our own misfortune. A word to the wise: look before you leap.

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