Dress Like a Celeb… For Work!

February 28, 2009 • Magazine

Dress Like a Celeb... For Work!

Dress Like a Celeb... For Work!

Sat, 2009-02-28 17:00

Simona Kogan

Celebs have always been my go-to for the latest fashions and trends. Not so, in the workplace. When I was told I would have to dress a bit more conservatively for work (think, business suit – pencil, skirt, smart heels, a fitted blazer, crisp trousers) I thought my celeb-styling days were numbered. Not so, as I realized so many celebrities had tried the business look on for size at major events. Some even added some funk and personalization for a bit of unique glamour. Now when I go to work, I know exactly how I’m going to dress and lucky for me, I get to use those A-listers for inspiration! Here’s how you can dress sharp for work — without letting go of your inner glam!

Liven Up The Typical Black and White
There are millions of ways to jazz up that typical black over black pantsuit or skirt suit set with a white shirt in the middle. This was best exemplified at the recent NY Fashion Week where celebs wore the look in droves — then addeda piece with their personal style. Mischa Barton topped her black and white look with a lively bowler hat and a stylized clutch. For her appearance at Alice + Olivia, Kristen Bell went for leather where her fitted blazer should be. Dana Panabaker snapped up her look with a crisp bun in her hair while Zoe McLeillan wore a long white tunic and topped it with a structured menswear vest. Rachel Bilson wore a romantic ruffled shirt under her perfectly cut black suit at Zac Posen. Then there was Kim Kardashian who mixed up that typical black and white standard by wearing black underneath and a structured, by architecturally offbeat white jacket on top. Maybe that won’t go over so well with the corporate bosses…but will certainly be noticed!

Don’t worry about looking overdone. The best part of this style is that you can always take off a piece before you step outside to let yourself grab less attention.

Try a Tuxedo Pantsuit
Gwyneth Paltrow‘s tuxedo jackets aren’t the only thing getting attention these days – now it’s the whole tuxedo suit set — the tuxedo pantsuit, that is. This usually means a longer fitted blazer in tuxedo style with tailored black trousers or skinny pants. You can wear this with a skirt, too, as Gwyneth always does…but the pantsuit is probably much more comfortable…and more of the moment. Perfect for formal attire at work, and now perfect for evening functions, too. To liven it up a bit like Jennifer Aniston, add chunky layered necklaces in brash gold or silver to the collar.

Go For Something Offbeat
Offbeat usually means something like the sculpted, statement-making jacket Kim Kardashian wore to the Y-3 show during Fashion Week. But for others offbeat could literally mean wearing a new style, or adding color. Need to wear a pencil suit set? Try a printed blouse underneath, similar to the retro print skirt and brass button top Keira Knightley wore at a recent Chanel show. Perhaps something feathery pinned to your hair like Dita von Teese if you’re all for making a scene in a glamorized rendition of the three-piece suit. For something really different, try that bubbly Chloe pantsuit wit a bow on the cropped jacket and short trousers as Keira wore to her boyfriend’s event, although you may want to tone down the color as she did. It’s a bit much. For the best look of all (at least in my opinion,) trade trousers for tights and a fashion-forward print coat as Erin Fetherston did (and always does) at her fashion show. Love this look!

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