Beauty Buzz. How to Shield Your Skin from the Harsh Winter Weather!

March 2, 2009 • Beauty

The winter months are still upon us, and your skin is as vulnerable as ever during the colder months. The freezing weather can do a number on your skin. So, until we reach the warmer months, here's what can you do to achieve and maintain your skin’s healthy glow during the harsh winter season? 

Protect, moisturize, replenish, exfoliate and revive your skin with products from AHAVA, the mineral-based skin care brand from the Dead Sea, Decleor a longtime leader in aromatherapy, Carita, a luxury skin and hair care brand and AB Skincare, a skincare line which utilizes the benefits of pure, naturally-based glycolic acid to deliver the same professional results as an in-office glycolic peels.



CARITA Ideal Hydration

This protective cream strengthens the skin's natural defenses for preserved firmness and elasticity. Carita Ideal Hydration $118 


DECLEOR’s Nutri-Delice Ultra-Nourishing Cream
Nutri-Delice Ultra-Nourishing Cream is ideal for comforting and soothing very dry and fragile skin. A complete, enriched, and highly balanced "meal" for the skin, this cream combines all the energizing and nutritious qualities of a delicious concentrate of cereals and essential oil with all the pleasure of a soft and delicious texture. DECLEOR’s Nutri-Delice Ultra-Nourishing Cream $58

AHAVA Skin Replenisher (Night)
This velvety cream regenerates the skin at rest time with natural hydration, leaving it deeply nourished, revived and remarkably soft. Skin is
energized with moisturizing minerals that can only be properly absorbed in the delicate calm of night. AHAVA Skin Replenisher (Night) $40.00 

Ab Hands
The strongest and purest uncompounded glycolic available in the consumer market, Ab Hands 15% glycolic treatment pads, serve as a great moisturizer while exfoliating and sloughing away dead skin cells. Formulated with the toning and tighten agent witch hazel, green tea, liposomal vitamins A,C,E and anti-oxidants, these super strength treatment pads made by NYC dermatologist, Dr. Craig Austin, will penetrate the skin, reverse age spots and retexturize the skins signs of aged hands. Ab Hands $95 

                                                      Ab hands
Decleor paris

DECLEOR’S 10-Day Radiance Powder Cure 
An intensive 10-day treatment that boosts the radiance of the skin.
Imparts a lightening and brightening effect that evens out skin tone while vitamin C promotes a radiant complexion. DECLEOR’S 10-Day Radiance Powder Cure $37 

Kelley Epps-Woods, Beauty Writer
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