Jewelry/Bling. Tom Binns Opens Store in NYC

March 2, 2009 • Accessories


Outspoken jewelry designer, Tom Binns opened his first store last month in
New York’s West Village. He is known for his edgy jewelry and equally edgy
views on the Tom_binns_1
industry. Binns claims he opened his shop to properly
represent himself without having to rely on editorial coverage or wholesale partners.

“It’s nice to present
yourself in your way, in your space,” said Binns, a native of Belfast,
Ireland. “You don’t always get fair treatment in magazines. They don’t
always contextualize your work in the best possible way. I thought it
would be nice to have a point of view of my own. Having your own
storefront is a window to your world. People can come along, and ITom_binns_3
say, ‘Welcome to my world.’”

“It’s like wearing a plain white or black
dress — one piece of jewelry really pops,” Binns said. “You feel good
when you are minimally dressed and the jewelry is very grand. It makes
you feel empowered.”

The boutique exhibits over 30 collections
of Binns’ jewelry, including one-off and couture pieces. Styles retail
from $180 to $25,000. The store will also carry designs dating back 10 or
15 years, as well as collections that neither his New York retail distributors Henri Bendel nor Jeffrey
carries. Other retail outlets that
carry his collections include and Shopbop.

Source & Photos: WWD

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4 Responses to Jewelry/Bling. Tom Binns Opens Store in NYC

  1. emily says:

    You feel good when you are minimally dressed and the jewelry is very grand. beautiful site.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Got my attention with the “one-off and couture pieces”, I want to visit this shop soon!

  3. rhianne says:

    wow! lots of choice i like all of those jelwery’s.

  4. victoria says:

    his pieces are amazing, and you don’t need anything else. fantastoc and classic yet totally unique!
    have just discovered that he is stocking at Kabiri, then just been on their site and his collection is half price!!! can finally afford to add to my binns collection!!!

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