Spring ’09 Trends: She Said…He Said

March 2, 2009 • Fashion

Second City Style Male Box editor, Joseph Ungoco and I met at New York Fashion Week over a year ago and quickly became fashion week buds. We have sat together at many a show and have discussed what we have seen come down the runway. Luckily, we love a lot. However, some trends do not translate to the general (non-model) public. I thought it might be interesting to compare a woman's view versus a man's on a few fashion trends for Spring '09. Remember when baby doll dresses were all the rage a couple of years ago and men (I mean all men) hated them? Well, I thought it prudent to check on some upcoming trends before we women make some potential fatal fashion mistakes.


The Jumpsuit (Derek Lam RTW Spring '09)

She Said: This trend makes me nervous. In my  mind's eye I see short overweight women gravitating to the 'onesie' when in reality…only tall, pin-thin women with next to zero boobs should dare to try the jumpsuit. I'm long-waisted so these never fit me properly anyway (especially when I sit….ouch). Besides, I had a grey jumpsuit I wore to death in the 80's so I'm not sure I should try this trend again. However, the romper (shorts) version sorta speaks to me (if I were still 22 that is). Since you show leg with the romper, you don't run quite the same risk you do as wearing one fabric from head-to-toe.

He said: I loved this look on the runway, but I’m not sure how it translates to real life. Can it stand up to sitting? Will it crease hideously? Proportion is really the key to making this look work. If your legs are twice the length of your torso, it works.  If not, thy something else entirely. 


Sportswear for Daywear & Eveningwear (Richard Nicolle RTW Spring '09)

She said: It's a little too jock for me. I like leaving the workout clothes for the gym. I also prefer not spending an arm and a leg on said workout clothes and the excuse 'it's comfortable' is so lame. Fashion is not supposed to be comfortable! OK, maybe a little. I guess if you spend hours at the gym and have well-toned arms, this is a good look, but will men find it attractive? I would be pushing those bra straps up all day!

He said: If our new First Lady is any indication, then bare shoulders and arms are totally “of the moment”. I think the palette for this color blocking is brilliant. It’s as young as spring time and twice as fresh. I’m not sure about the whole double bra strap thing though…


Gold (Naeem Kahn RTW Spring '09)

She Said: OK, I have to admit…I love the gold pants. There is something disco yet modern about them, especially when paired with a simple white tee. Besides, men are easy….they like anything that sparkles, right?

He Said: I love me some 80s style, but the side pony was the only part of this look I liked. The pants look like a gold-plated disco ball from some over-the-top nightclub in Dubai. 

She Said: Ouch…guess I better rethink these…


Harem Pants (A DetacherRTW Spring '09)

She Said: Frankly I hate them so I don't think any man is going to find these remotely flattering or needless to say, sexy. How can one look sexy when they appear to have dropped a load in their pants? This is bound to be a one-season wonder. Look for them on the clearance rack at a department store near you.

He Said: Here’s a look I hate on everyone. Even stick thin professional models have trouble making it look good. I can’t even begin to imagine what fashion crimes will be committed once the production is scaled up into real people sizes.   

She Said: We are in agreement!


Sharp Shoulders (Balmain RTW Spring '09)

She Said: This looks speaks to me. It says "don't mess with me, or I will mess you up." It's one of my favorite trends for spring actually. However, I think men are going to find it a little severe bordering on ridiculous. The modern and edgy Alexis Carrington if you will. I may dare to go there. I just won't turn corners too quickly.

He Said:  Houston – we have lift off! I love that the shoulder is the new center of fashion interest. I’ve seen such technically amazing design and construction and I love it all.  I’m not saying I want to see – or feel – those shoulders on a 5’2” woman crammed next to me on the subway, but the avant garde has a special place in my heart. 

She Said: Phew…Thank God I'm 5'7" Joseph.


Sheer (Alexander Wang RTW Spring '09)

She Said: I'm all for a little sheer, but this is a bit too much. My problem with sheer is that I think of Madonna in the early 90's…you know, sheer top with a  black bra underneath. This could be potentially bad. Think of women with some jelly rolls and you get the idea. However, since it isn't very subtle I see men loving it! Wear this to dinner and he won't be thinking about coffee or dessert, just the check.

He Said: Tricky thing, sheer. It’s often more about what’s under it than what it actually is, or looks like. This particular design is fantastic, but if your undergarment of choice is made by Spanx, I’d stay away from it.  

– Lauren Dimet Waters and Joseph Ungoco

Photos: NY Mag

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