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March 9, 2009 • Lifestyle

I admit, ever since I got a DVR, I watch waaaay too much TV. It's sad really, but then again, I realize I am not the only woman who watches everything from LOST, to The Office, to Top Chef. In fact, I get depressed if there is nothing in my cue. I do have to draw the line at Celebrity Apprentice (why do i want to watch celebs making business decisions?), Dancing with the Stars (I just don't get it) and American Idol (OK, the tryouts can be entertaining). Here are two rumors I had to share:


Lipstick Jungle is Cooked…for good. Really.

Yeah, we were kinda hoping the rumors it was staying for another season were true too. Were we the only ones who heard women were mailing ABC tubes of lipstick in an effort to save the show? Well, according to Hilary Lewis of The Biz, our favorite lipstick color has been discontinued. Two of the stars have already booked pilots. If we are lucky, a cable company will pick it up…but it doesn't look good. I'm going to miss Nico's amazing handbag collection and Kirby's pecs.


From Dumped to Dancing.

Last Monday she was horribly unceremoniously dumped by The Bachelor (wasn't that just terrible? What a cad.). This Monday, just one week later, jilted Melissa Rycroft is replacing injured Nancy O'Dell on 'Dancing with the Stars'. What a difference a week makes! The ex-Dallas cowboys cheerleader is rehearsing now, according to the NY Post. This is one show I just can't watch. Yet, I am ashamed to admit, I watched the last two episodes of The Bachelor. I want her to kick butt just to show him. Mind you, she was a fool for giving back that ring. Personally, I would have sold it on eBay. Come on, the whole drama was a set-up anyway, right?

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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  1. Jones says:

    I know what you mean about the DVR. I can watch a lot more TV if I can blow through the commercials! I don’t get the dancing with the stars attraction either. Hopefully Melissa won’t get injured which seems to happen quite frequently these days.

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