Loving You is RIGHT: Great Gin (even if you don’t think you like gin)

March 11, 2009 • Lifestyle

I drink vodka. Always. It's easily added to just about anything, it doesn't mess with the flavor of the mixer and I know how my body reacts to it. If I feel terrible in the morning, it's a more likely to stem from a regret hangover rather than a physical malady.

But RIGHT Gin had a cozy little cocktail hour last night at their gorgeous New York lounge, and I've gone from gin-averter to gin-proselyte in one evening.

The scoop: Rather than relying exclusively on juniper—the ingredient that gives most gins the pine-y taste that stands out in mixed drinks—RIGHT individually distills and then blends elements of juniper, coriander leaf, cardamom, lemon, bergamot, lime, bitter orange and Sarawak black pepper. So in addition to being a more complex taste, you never feel like someone spiked your drink with Pine-Sol. Which is a plus.

I am now a big pimp for one of my new favorite drinks: Suspicious Mind, a super-tasty beverage for gin skeptics and gin lovers alike.  Check out the recipe below, or see it made in the video (that will be my second Suspicious Mind of the evening).

Suspicious Mind
2 oz. RIGHT Gin
2 oz. white cranberry juice
¾ oz. Domaine de Canton (ginger liquor)
handful of cranberries (raspberries are great, too)

Shake with ice and pour into a highball glass. Top with 3 oz. ginger ale. Get your drink on.

Here is a lesson on how to make it:

– Becky Ellis

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