WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was in Bad Celebrity Fashion

March 13, 2009 • Celebrity Style

Kanye+singer amber rose, stella mccartney show, paris
Singers Kanye West and Amber Rose at the Stella McCartney fashion show during Paris Fashion Week in France

Comment: If Kanye was going solo, he wouldn't be quite the fashion victim. However, the two of them together look ridiculous. Do you think they planned to match? Amber's zebra print purse and shoes just happen to match Kanye's shoes and cuffs. Strange. But honestly, what kind of "pants" are those, Amber? Latex bike riding pants? I guess if she doesn't want to wear pink, she can reverse them for the tan side.

She's Thinking: Today we're matching in stripes, tomorrow we'll do polka dots, the next day will be tie-dye, the next day…

HillaryBsmith,annual ABC+SOAPnet broadway cares-equity fights AIDS,nyc
Actress Hillary B Smith at the annual ABC and SOAPnet Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS event in NYC

Comment: It's as if Hillary was only half-way ready for this event and decided to go anyway. While her hair and jewelry look nice, Hillary's ensemble is gym-ready rather than red carpet worthy. I would like to know who told this limelight actress it was okay to wear a track jacket and sneakers on the red carpet.

She's Thinking: This is great! I'm killing two birds with one stone: attending a charity event and on my way to yogalates!

Perez hilton star mags party
Gossip blogger Perez Hilton at Star Magazine's Young Hollywood Issue Party in Hollywood

Comment: There's not much to say about Perez's little look here other than WTF?! Mr. Hilton is always on the opposite end of this gossip spectrum, but not this time; now he's the target. And, might I add, Perez deserves it for wearing this not-so-lovely t-shirt.

He's Thinking: Screw fashion. Not only can I get away with saying whatever I want, but I can get away with wearing whatever I want!

Peter+natalie kimmel 'women's world awards',vienna austria
Peter and Natalie Kimmel at the "Women's World Awards" in Vienna, Austria

Comment: While I adore a men's classic tux (ie: George Clooney), I generally don't like the matchy-matchy tan vest and pocket square combo. However, with Natalie in tow, it's hard to look bad when standing next to that iridescent blue monstrosity. The ruffled hems plastered throughout don't help and the glowing sheen of the gown is bright enough to light the whole event. Yuck.

She's Thinking: I look marvelous!
He's Thinking: Oh great, like the flashes from the photographers aren't bright enough, now I'm blinded by my wife's dress.

Kat kramer;'barking boutique' fundraiser,hollywood

Kat Kramer at the "Barking Boutique" Fundraiser in Hollywood

Comment: Alright Kat, we get it. You're named after a feline, but is it really necessary to carry around, what can only be described as, a furry cat coin purse? The furry collar and cuffs are also cat-like. Coincidence? I think not. House pets aside, there is still too much going on with Kat's ensemble: large, mismatched jewelry meshed with overdone hair and makeup. Sorry Kat, but this is one look that won't have the others purring.

She's Thinking: I could be the new spokesperson for Hello Kitty! Fingers crossed!

-Allison Merzel

Photos: WireImage

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