Shopping Your Closet: Everything Old is New Again

March 18, 2009 • Shopping


Are you craving spring shopping and sick of these cold winter days? Join the club. Unfortunately, with the terrible economy in tow, who can really even afford to shop like crazy anymore? Good news: you can… right in your own closet! Challenge your inner recessionista by making your old clothes new again. Simply mix and match to reinvent past season's items into a fresh new look.

First off, devote a day to cleaning out your closet, dressers, drawers and every nook and cranny you have any clothes hiding. Number one rule: dispose of any items you have not worn in the last 3 months. If it's been that long, you most likely will never wear it again. I usually go through my closet right around this time of year and end up with 5 or 6 garbage bags full of stuff I'll give to the Salvation Army or family friends with younger girls to eventually wear.

Clothes to get rid of: too small, damaged, haven't worn in at least 3 months. A great way to update your old wardrobe is to go to a great tailor. Cut and trim items that are too large so they can properly fit and form to your body. Anything from shortening a skirt to converting a dress into a top to taking the embellishments from a dated shirt and turning it into a headband. To stay on trend, add inexpensive, of-the-moment pieces from stores like H&M, Forever 21 and Marshalls. I just found a great Cynthia Rowley bag retailing for $400+ at Marshalls and snatched it for less than $100!

Opt for spending the big bucks on classic, investment pieces that could last a lifetime. You'll achieve fashion balance when mixing timeless items with trendy, economically-friendly clothing. If you still find yourself at a style loss, there is another investment purchase you can make: "Wardrobe Renovation and Closet Inventory" service, a hands-on support and advice team. It is run by fashion stylist Colin Megaro (of and operates in both LA and NYC. They'll come right to your house and do all the dirty work for you — tell you what does and does not work and which trends are right for you!

-Allison Merzel

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