Mirror, Mirror: Silhouette’s Virtual Mirror and Sunglasses Giveaway!

March 19, 2009 • Lifestyle


Temps are rising, and before the agony that is swimsuit-shopping comes the frustration that is sunglasses-shopping. There's nothing to push up or suck in, but I still end up leaving stores frustrated and empty-handed.

Silhouette–the purveyor of lightweight, rimless, nearly indestructible glasses–makes the process easy and painless with their new Virtual Mirror, an interactive tool that that lets you upload images of your face and "try on" sunglasses, changing the lens color and rim shape till you find one that suits. You can also use it to build the perfect prescription glasses: Choose from more than 400 customizable options by picking your base model, accent colors and lens shape. Their rimless styles are incredibly transparent, so people notice your face–not your glasses. (Bonus: your brow wax and expert eyeshadow application will not be in vain!)

Second City Style Giveaway!!


To get you prepped for beach season (as painlessly as possible), Second City Style is giving away a pair of Silhouette sunglasses (pictured above) to a lucky reader! (US and Canada only)

All you have to do is leave a comment to this post why you need new sunglasses with your email address, and we will pick and announce the winners next Friday!

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11 Responses to Mirror, Mirror: Silhouette’s Virtual Mirror and Sunglasses Giveaway!

  1. Kim Pongpaet says:

    Just tried the website and it rocks. Would love to have a pair!

  2. mich says:

    i need new sunglasses becasue mine are from the year gimmel (aka old!!!!!)

  3. Tara Bolek says:

    I need new sunglasses because mine were last seen on Jessica Simpson, need I say more!

  4. Larry Nelson says:

    I recently lost over 40 pounds and I would love to wear these glasses to go with my new look! Love the blog!!

  5. Greer whalen says:

    I have 4 kids under 5…. And I am lucky if I have a brain when I leave some place let alone the sun glasses I camein with:)

  6. Ashley K says:

    I need new sunglasses because I am a super-clutz, and I have managed to sit on or lose every pair of nice sunglasses I have ever owned!

  7. laura says:

    I need a new pair of sunglasses, because my current pair doesn’t fit right and fogs up at times.

  8. hazel says:

    I need a new pair of sunglasses because I sat on mine and now they are all bent and funky

  9. Mary says:

    I need a new pair of sunglasses because a monkey snatched the shades off my head while I was hiking in Costa Rica. Hey–at least it wasn’t a python.

  10. Jaypee says:

    I love the style of that Second City Style Giveaway!! It’s cool very fashionable

  11. I love Silhouette sunglasses.. They look great. More sophisticated. I was inspired by my brother so I was inspired to have one of these.

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