Invest Wisely

March 29, 2009 • Magazine

Invest Wisely

Invest Wisely

Sun, 2009-03-29 08:00

Smart Picks and Sure Strategies For Your Uncertain Wardrobe

Andra Naylor

After reading my last column about investing in accessories, a co-worker asked if I had any tips about how to purchase smart investment pieces for the entire outfit. Being that this topic is very relevant, I thought I would take her advice and share a few ideas about smart buys that are worth the money.

First I must admit though, that for a girl who loves shopping, making investment purchases is excruciatingly difficult for me. Sure, I can go on a spree like none other through H&M, or easily whip out my store card at Gap, but dropping serious cash is a commitment that I mull over for great lengths before signing on the dotted line.

So please rest assure that I know this isn’t easy, but hopefully these beautiful pieces will inspire you to make some investments of your own.

The Little Black Blazer

Equally as important as the LBD, the little black blazer is a piece I recommend spending money on. Why? Because it should be perfectly tailored, of quality material and a classic style that will last you years. I like Helmut Lang’s single-breasted jacket, which can be a part of your professional suiting or a chic way to be casual, yet put together. How to style: Pair with a casual white v-neck tee, dark jeans and a pair of bright hue pumps (think purple or blue). Don’t forget your print scarf.

Dish Out on Denim
I know that buying jeans can be as much fun as trying on bathing suits, but at some point you need to break down, head to a department store and find your version of fashion’s most versatile pant. Don’t be shy – make sure you take at least ten pairs into the dressing room with you at a time, because we all know every pair, even within the same brand, fit differently. And try to ignore your inner self that wants to analyze price – buy the pair that looks the best, regardless of its cost. I promise it will pay off. I’m a fan of Joe’s Jeans, and am considering the line’s new organic jean, a flared style that you can buy in a variety of washes.

The Essential Shift

The shift dress is a timeless style that looks good on everyone, no matter your body type. I recommend finding a well structured and finely constructed version so you can wear it forever. If I had to choose just one, I’d spend my money on Milly’s Funnel-Neck Shift Dress in black with goldtone hardware. Oh, why choose just one? I’d also cash in on the Milly sleeveless shift dress in hot coral.

Find Your Own “It” Bag

I think the handbag is one of the most fun pieces to shop for. A woman forms a bond with her handbag and they become an inseparable pair. So it should go without saying that this should be an investment piece, something that is researched, debated and bought with confidence. Love at first sight does not apply to your carry-all. You must be logical. This bag must be gorgeous, durable and fit your needs, whatever function it may be. My partner in crime is a Marc by Marc Jacobs leather handbag, so to be loyal, I’d recommend a new style of carry-all from his line, the Dr. Q Flat Shopper.

Bling is Forever

Everyone should have a statement-making piece of jewelry, and because you want to make a statement, you might have to spend some money on it. A friend of mine swears by Erickson Beamon for their exquisite jewelry that never goes out of style. Take the Boudica bracelet, an embellished cuff that is both unique and stunning. While I know this column has been about making an investment, I would be remiss in not pointing out that Erickson Beamon jewelry is also currently available at Target for a limited time collaboration (and much cheaper prices!).

1. Helmut Lang blazer $390
2. The Stardust Organic Jean in Olivia Joe’s Jeans $194
3. Milly Funnel Neck Shift Dress $490
4. Milly Sleeveless Shift Dress $435
5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr. Q Flat Shopper $397.95
6. Erickson Beamon Boudica Embellished Cuff $700

Image Layout: Minette Higden

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