Beauty Buzz. Tummy Creams for the Pregnant Mom-to-Be

March 31, 2009 • Beauty


As a first time mom-to-be I am experiencing the ever constant change with my skin and growing belly. Places that didn't use to itch, itch, and not to mention the tight and dry skin. There is hope for you and me since I have found some of my favorite remedies.  

TummyruboMama Mio Tummy Rub Butter is one of the yummiest, creamiest tummy butters I have tried. The smell alone is worth it, and the rich creamy butter melts into your skin with ease with no oily residue. It is loaded with Omega 3,6, and 9 to ensure the best fight against stretch marks. I couldn't resist putting this on several times a day, while my senses were awakened and my belly was soothed and happy!

Mustela 9 Months® is a complete Pregnancy Program that Mustelaallows skin care treatment products specially for pregnant woman and post-partum. What I loved about this system, is the specific treatments for all of the problems I am facing with pregnancy; tightness in the bust area, tired legs, tight skin and the avoidance of unsightly stretch marks. The treatments instantly revived my tired skin, and the soothing plant extracts and ingredients soothed and cooled my skin. I could definitely tell the difference after just a few days of use. I highly recommend Mustela 9 Months, for your complete pregnancy skin care needs.                          

41w3zkC7GhL__SL500_AA280_Are you already fighting against the signs of stretch marks, or suffering from them now? Well, Trilastin is your answer. One of the #1 treatments on the market for stretch marks is TriLASTIN® System 2 For Stretch Marks.This clinically-proven System produces permanent reduction in the appearance of stretch mark scarring in as little as 3 weeks. I was skeptical at first of the promises, but after 2 weeks, I saw a dramatic noticeable difference. Not only with the few stretch marks I had since I could remember but with the smoothness of my skin. The Trilastin System is a 2 part system that includes the TriLastin Hydro Thermal Accelerator that actives and helps absorb the TriLastin Stretch Mark Complex. I also accompanied this system with the TriLastin Cellulite Formula, and after just a few weeks, my legs were amazingly smooth, and there was noticeably less dimpling. I definitely recommend if you are fighting with major stretch marks or cellulite.

Top Photo: courtesy Mama Mio

– Kelley Epps-Woods, Beauty Writer

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